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Gary Busey

Gary Busey's career started because of his uncanny resemblence to Buddy Holly. Apperently thats all he could do so eventually he disappeared. After several stints in the Betty Ford clinic he made a life long friend in Nick Nolte, apperently they had alot in common because both thier careers were going down the shitter.

But unlike Nick Nolte Gary Busey had a resurgence he soon discovered that he played the "dirtbag" role exceptionally well(for obvious reasons)he learned to harness all the things he learned from his years of drinking all night, screwing prostitutes and disappearing before he had to pay them.

But after awhile even that got old, and he soon had to pass the torch to his son, thats right he has a son. How? you ask , well like i said before; he likes prostitutes.

Jake Busey is possibly the only burnout that was a burnout upon conception, now thats an impressive feat, and deserves somekind of award, maybe a BIG MAC. Gary Busey's spawn has learned from his father and has taken pionters only playing the "dirtbag" roles, allthough he could never replace his father as the rapist or child molester but he is an acceptable substitute.

The Busey's a father and son burnout duo
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