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Yes, they are alive....

...but why?!

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A community celebrating the burnouts of the world, that lets face it, wouldnt be celebrated otherwise.

well, lets get a few things straight before you go rummaging around here like your a member. ok so here goes:

1. this is not just any community. we have a specfic mission to exploit the misfortunes of overdue-for-a-pinkslip celebrities and many other burnouts.

oh yeah....

burnout - n. a person, or group of people, or group project that has long overstayed its due in my brain or the brain of any members, posters, lurkers, etc.

well now that thats out of the way....

2. either have fun or get out

3. the worse the burnout, the higher my respect for you.

all in all, just have fun, dont cause too much trouble:

good day

The Opinions expressed here aren't necessarily true and are made in good fun, and are not meant to offend in any way. The views expressed here, in no way represent the actual views of the maintainers of this site; who dont beleive the people mentioned in this should actually be considered people.