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well, lets get a few things straight before you go rummaging around here like your a member. HEY, IM TALKIN TO YOU! ok so here goes:

1. this is not just any community. we have a specfic mission to exploit the misfortunes of overdue-for-a-pinkslip celebrities and many other burnouts.

oh yeah....

burnout - n. a person, or group of people, or group project that has long overstayed its due in my brain or the brain of any members, posters, lurkers, etc.

well now that thats out of the way....

2. either have fun or get out

3. nobody talks about the_burnouts...wait...this isnt fight club...

4. what ever happens here, stays here. no whiners, wieners, crybabys, etc. or refer to #2

5. the worse the burnout, the higher my respect for you.

all in all, just have fun, dont cause too much trouble, and please for your own sake:

eat more chocolate and listen to more coldplay.

good day
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