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A Jackass for all the Ages

Jean-Claude Van Damme
I think this is the first Burnout that should have been a burnout 6 no 7 years before he actually became one.

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Started making mindless action movies it seems like a century ago, but then he went too far, he made Double Impact, if you are not aware of the premise: Jean-Claude stars in both staring roles, how can this be you you ask, well apperently they are long lost twins blah blah blah ect. How much of a narsasistic mortherfuck must you be if you think "hey there isnt enough of me on screen, I should have two starring roles." Maybe he think it would help his career, isnt that ironic.

Well like everyone on our site Jean-Claude Van Damme eventually fell off the face of the earth and landed into a large pile of Cocaine. At the hieght of his addiction he was doing enough coke to kill a small horse.

This is the result of one of Jean-Claude 3 month coke benders

Jean-Claude Van Damme was once known as "The Muscles From Brussels" and now a his only claim to fame is he actually did more coke than all of Aerosmith

I guess now he'll just be known as "The Belgium Disgrace."
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