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Its as easy as it looks

Ugh....where should I start with this mug...

Ike Turner

Im sure your thinking, "man, bobby brown, what an idiot thinking hes is the king of R&B. Why hasnt he accidently shot himself on one of his late night coke binges with whitney."

but just like bobby brown's music doesnt show any signs of originality, neither do his attempts at career suicide....wait...what am I saying career.

Ike Turner began his career of taking credit for other people's work by impersonating a hackneed burnout, Sammy Davis Jr., who now to think of it, I never really ever saw perform....

I mean seriously, here you have a guy who has released a greatest album. The only hits Ike ever created were the ones on Tina's face.

I mean seriously, these are the kinda guys that look up to him:

With the 12 kilos he snorts daily, Ike has slowly but surely built the fictional world I like to call "Ike's House of Broken Dreams"

Here Ike shows he'll go to great lengths to prove he never really made it.

For the record, if I saw Ike Turner crossing the street, and I was "supposed" to stop, I would unfortunately have to introduce him to my good friend Michelin.

Personally though, you would think after years of getting the shit kicked out of you, you would sort of begin to think, "is this legal?"

An album cover after Ike had just finished off Tina

But Ike has since changed his evil ways, and began hitting the white women instead...

Ike Turner, a self proclaimed jackass!
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