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Currently busing tables in Cabo San Lucas....

David Lee Roth

Known for hits like "Jump" and "Panama" David Lee Roth was once known as the lead singer of the 80's group Van Halen.

For some odd reason though David Lee Roth basically decided he was more of idiot than all the other guys from Van Halen, so he decided to ditch the band.

Unknowning that he had no "real" talents of his own he was forced into associations with the likes of other burnouts, like Sammy Hagar:

Dont have pitty they know what they're doing.

David Lee Roth is the prime example of people who just dont get the point. Thats why were here.

Now, amongst his various and obvious drug and alchol problems, it appears that David Lee Roth's hair decided to stay in the 80's, with the rest of his career:

The only problem we here find is that there is too much of David Lee Roth to make fun of. I mean this guy seriously believes he can still chunk out the hits.

And if your thinking, "can you blame the guy, he is only trying to maintain his dignity", you are wrong in two ways:

1. You can blame him.

2. He has no dignity.

And now for the golden question, where is he now?

Currently busing tables somewhere in cabo san lucas, the spring break capitol of the world (man, who says only smart people go to college)

Well, until next time.
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